A London escort that helps me to mend my broken heart

One of the most beautiful things in life is to have someone to comfort s when we needed it the most. Someone that is willing to enlighten our minds to think positively. There are times we want to give up, and surrender but having someone to be with us is everything. It is a big help to us since we know we are still valuable to someone and worth to live. We all need someone to care for us when everyone tries to leave us. Someone to help us go through our lives. Life may seem hard and unfair, but it gets lighter when we have a hand to hold. A love that is full of happiness, and honesty. But sometimes no matter how much we give to someone they will always take us for granted. They will always find a way to hurt us. Love should be the source of joy becomes pain and weakness. We feel weak when the love of our life left us, especially for no reason. They say, lucky if we found the love of our life, but unfortunately, they will let go of us. The most painful thing is breaking up with someone you have a look forward to being with you, and won’t leave you. It pains us when the love of our life choices to hurt us.

I have given up love and did not believe it anymore. After a long and painful experience, I have been through. When every time I remember how much she hurt me, I still break down and blame myself. It is hard to accept that after all the years you have been together you end up like nothing. She is my first girlfriend and love. I had an enormous admiration for her back when we were just kids. She is the most beautiful girl I ever know in the class, her smiles melt my heart, and her cute eyes disappear when she laughs. She is a sweet person, and generous. Many boys have liked her. Perhaps, it took me many years before I confront her with my feelings. We were on our college days, we became close and got the chance to discuss with her. Eventually, we grew together. I gave everything I can with her, but after five years, she just left and blocked me in all contacts. I was frustrated and devastated at the same time; I have gone to London to find myself. I have met Trina; she is a London escort. She is always at my side and hears my pain inside. She had never left me until I entirely overcome it. A London escort helps me to mend my broken heart.

Written by eltot