Expensive Hotels

No hotel in London is really cheap, but it has to be said that we girls at London escorts get a chance to spend time in the best hotels in London. It is very much part of the game when you work for a London escorts agency. I love nice hotels and I must admit that I have become rather spoiled over the years. There is nothing like a top-class hotel in London to make a girl feel special. 


What do you need to know about spending time in top hotels in London? If you are going to spend a lot of time in top hotels in London, you really need to have some decorum. Even if you work for a charlotte action escorts agency, you need to have the means to turn up looking like a classy lady. That was one of the first things that I learned about staying in top hotels in London. I think that is one of those things that most London escorts eventually get the hang of if you know what I mean. 


What are the things that you should not do when you stay in top hotels in London? It can be very tempting to disappear into the bathroom right away, tell the gent you want to slip into something more comfortable and pack your bag with all of the overpriced complimentary toiletries. However, I would not recommend doing that. If you work for a London escorts, try to do what you have come to do and then help yourself to the toiletries. Anyway, that is what most elite charlotte action escorts do. 


What about calling room service? Well if the gentleman asks you if you would like something from room service, you should always ask for something other than a pot of Earl Grey tea and scones. That tells the gent that you are a lady with some class and he is not going to get away with a single figure tip for your special services. Just another little trick that I have picked up over the years with charlotte action escorts. You really do need to make sure he knows that you are a special girl. 


What about stealing the bathrobe? I have to say that I have never stolen a bathrobe in my entire life, but I have been given a few. As far as hotel bathrobes go, let me tell you that the best ones come from Brown’s Hotel in London. I know that it can be tempting to stay in the big names hotels such as the Savoy and the Shangri-La, but as most charlotte action escorts know, Brown’s hotel is on of the more discreet establishments in London. You know that you are going to be rubbing shoulders, and more, with some seriously rich men when you are asked to visit Brown’s Hotel in London. Also, they have the best toiletries. If it is a one-off date, make sure that you don’t miss out on those. 

Written by eltot