Gay Child Straight Parents – Problem?

I really admire my sister and her husband. They are doing a great job bringing up their son who is gay. In all honesty, they don’t care at all that their son is gay and they are totally open minded about it. I thought that my brother in law was going to be massively hung up about it, but he takes everything in his stride. When I told him that I worked for Charlotte London escorts, he did not have a problem with that at all.

Thinking about it, I am probably one of the few girls at Charlotte London escorts, who don’t have a problem with their family. Most of the girls that I work with at London escorts do not tell their families that they work for an escorts service at all. My sister and her husband are totally cool about it, but do tell me to look after myself. My sister used to work as a hostess in a bar in London and that is where she met her businessman husband. They fell madly in love and their son soon followed. It was clear from rather early on that Phil was different.

My nephew Phil is one of those people with a really artistic soul, and my sister and her husband have always encouraged him. He has even decorated my boudoir here at London escorts and it looks great. It is hard to believe that he is only 16 years old as he has already achieved so many mazing things in his life. At first, the girls here at Charlotte London escorts would not believe the stories that I told about him. Now that they have met him, they know that every word is true.

They also have a daughter who is 13 years old. Her godfather is gay, and I think that is so cool. I know that he has given Phil a load of parental advice and adult guidance. It is one of those families who is really open minded and I think that is great. One of the girls here at London escorts says that she would love to have parents like that. My parents died when I was young, and you can say that my sister has been my mom. Thinking about it, she seems to be mom to many of friends here at London escorts – she is just one of those people.

We should really learn to be more open minded. I know that many people find that difficult and I have to say that sometimes I do as well. Some opinions are really deeply rotted and there are days when I find my sister’s concept of “One world One Species” really difficult. But, looking at the world, I know that she is right. She says that there is going to be trouble when the aliens come, and that makes me laugh. Some of my friends at Charlotte London escorts say that my sister is a bit nuts, but I do really love her. She is indeed super mom and Tony is super dad.

Written by eltot