It seems that high street sex shops have become part of the British high street

but I am not sure that we have accepted them. On my day off from Clapham escorts from, I found myself making my way to my local Anne Summers branch, and to my surprise, people were still walking “ around” the shop window. Okay, some people were stopping and pointing, but overall most people just seemed to be avoiding the shop. Like most of the other girls at London escorts, I don’t have an issue with shopping in Anne Summers. However, I am not sure the British public in general have accepted Anne Summers. I have been going into the shops for some time now, but during that time I have never seen one single guy in an Anne Summers shop, and I am not sure how you could make a guy step into Anne Summers shop without blushing. My boyfriend certainly do not want to step into an Anne Summers outlet. This time I must admit that the shop display was a little bit risky. It featured BDSM and that is a practice which the British public is still not comfortable with at all. I think that if the sex shop had been based in Amsterdam or somewhere like that, most people would not have lifted any eye lid, but on this occasion, I must admit that the locals seemed a bit surprised to come across a high street in the middle of London. Yet, these sex shops seems to be doing okay, and most Anne Summers sex shops which I have come across seem to be fairly busy. I know that my colleagues from London escorts do shop in them, and as far as I can tell, they have in general been well received by ladies. A lot of girls still like to buy lingerie on the high street, and Anne Summers offers excellent opportunities to pick up someone bargains. Much of the lingerie I use at London escorts come from Anne Summers shops. I do think that in general, a lot of British people are becoming more relaxed about shopping for pleasure, but I still think a lot of people stick to shopping online for sex toys. If I owned an Anne Summers sex shop, I think that I would focus on selling lots of lingerie. It seems to be the most popular product that the Anne Summers shops have got at the moment. I would also produce a lot of informative leaflets about sex toys. If we were to bring sex toys out in the open a lot more, I am sure that they would gradually become more popular, and you would actually see more shoppers visit Anne Summers shops to pick up their sex toy supplies. It is not going to happen over the night, but the process has already begun, so I am pretty sure that sex toys are eventually going to become more and more accepted by the public in general.

Written by eltot