London escort advice: Talk to your sons

It may not be easy but it is vital that you speak to your sons about sex, says Lucy from London escorts. It will help your sons to grow up to be much better well adjust children. Mothers often have a chat to their daughters about sex, but fathers often seem to have less time to have a chat to their sons. I know what it is like, because it has happened in our home as well, says Lucy. It is difficult for me to fit everything in as I work full time for London escorts services, but I want my husband to realize that he has a responsibility towards our son, says Lucy.

I have been a madame at various London escorts agencies for ten years now, says Lucy, and during that time I have learned that most men are not very well adjusted sexually. Some men do make unrealistic demands on their wives and partners. So, what happens? They take their wedding rings of and end up in the arms of London escorts. There is really no need to be this way, and I don’t think that all men have grown up to respect women. This is really what needs to change, says Lucy.

My son is being treated like my daughter. They get pocket money based on doing certain chores around the house. Both of them have to help with cleaning, so the work load is distributed equally. Boys need to know from an early age that there are not duties which are feminine and none that are masculine. This is really important. I keep telling the girls who work for me as London escorts that when they have kids, it is important to treat them equally. Perhaps, it is because of my job for London escorts that I am super aware of this.

My husband is very respectful of me, and this is feeding through to our son. He is stay at home dad, so he has taken lots of time out to speak to my son about sex, and my daughter as well. I think it is great that they have been able to get both the male and female point of view on everything, says Lucy. They even understand what my job as a premium London escort is all about, and there is no way they are ever going to look down on London escorts, says Lucy.

I love working for London escorts, and my children both come in here. They have met London escorts and don’t have a problem with that. I am glad that we have been able to raise two open minded kids. Both of them are really honest, and ask a lot of questions, that is something that I have always encouraged. Our world is very sexually liberated and open, says Lucy, and it is important that our kids realize that a quarter of the UK population now has some different sexual orientation. They will be part of everything that makes this great melting pot work one day, ends Lucy.

Written by eltot