So why do you turn up drunk on your dates with West London escorts?

When I was working for a West London escorts agency, it never seized to surprise me the amount of men who used to turn up drunk for their dates. Honestly chaps, if you are dating regular girlfriends, do you turn up drunk? I thought not, so why do you turn up drunk on your dates with West London escorts? It is not nice you, and we do have certain ways of dealing with you. Most agencies, and especially West London escorts agencies at, have very strict protocols when it comes to dating drunk dates. It would be great if you guys would check the terms of conditions of dating West London escorts before you go to that bar. Dealing with Drunk Dates If you decide to turn up drunk to your date with any of the West London escorts who are employed by agencies, you will find that a certain protocol will be put into place. The first thing, the escort will do is to call the agency and explain the situation. Most of the time you will not be allowed to enter the girl’s apartment. If, the girl is not happy to let you in, she will send you away. Now if you have paid by card, it is unlikely that you will get your money back. Most of the time, the escort and agency will tell you that you breached the terms and conditions of the date. You have now forfeited your enjoyment for the afternoon or evening. Why turn up drunk? A lot of West London escorts know that first time dates are much more likely to turn up drunk. This is not the sort of dates they want, but they understand that a lot of chaps need a bit of Dutch courage on their first date. The escort may decide to go ahead with the date depending on how much you have drunk. If it is just one drink, she may overlook that and let you enjoy your date. Should it be anymore than that, she is likely to send you away. If you are a first time dater, don’t worry. You are not the only first time date that West London escorts will have had, and they do know how to handle situation. The girls will understand that you are anxious but it is always best to follow their lead. Relax and the rest of it will follow naturally. West London escorts are the perfect professionals and sexy companions. Most of them have been in the escort service business for a long time, and they know how to handle almost any situation. It is easy to understand that you are anxious and concerned, but the girls are not worried about that. They will enjoy looking after you, and you need to appreciate that you are amongst friends. Once you have gotten over your first date fears, you will appreciate why so many gents enjoy dating West London escorts. They are the perfect companions and can indeed bring a lot of pleasure and joy to your life.

Written by eltot