Tantric Massage

Many London escorts who have not trained to professionally to do massage treatments, don’t really understand the many different techniques available. I think that if you are going to carry out massages at London escorts, you need to have at least some understanding about the different techniques available, and how they can provide health benefits. For instance, Swedish massage is a fantastic healing massage when you are dealing with muscle injuries. It allows you to “reach” a person on a very physical level, but perhaps not so much emotionally.

On the other hand, a tantric massage will allow you to reach someone on an emotional level as well as a spiritual level. But, I do find that a lot of the girls at London escorts totally misunderstand the concept of a tantric massage. Most London escorts that I have spoken to presume tantric massages are all about sexual healing. In fact, the word tantra means technique. The technique of tantra can be used in different ways, and you really need to understand the person you are trying to help if you would like to apply it correctly.

A tantric massage can be used to treat emotional conditions which can be difficult to heal. I use tantric massages a lot at charlotte escorts. Most of the gents who benefit from them, have been through a hard time personally, and may suffer physical side effects such as high blood pressure. We often assume that our minds can’t produce health problems such as high blood pressure, but they certainly can. I know have so much experience of tantric massages that I can use them to “still” a person who is stressed. One gentleman I date at London escorts says that I have taught him to control his high blood pressure using tantric techniques.Why are we in pain? Once again, pain can be produced by the mind. We don’t always need to have a physical injury to experience pain. The other day I met a new gent at London escorts who immediately started to tell me about his shoulder pain. I asked him what he had done, and he told me that he could not remember doing anything at all. After a little while he started to talk about recently losing his mother.

It did not take me very long to figure out that he was experiencing emotional pain, and the pain in his shoulder was just a reflection of that. In that kind of situation I always try a tantric massage. Once I am able to still a date, and actually slow him down, I can normally help him to come to terms with whatever is ailing him. At times it can be rather funny as I do meet a lot of gents at London escorts who simply do not believe me. The first thing I do is to ask them to sit with me, and I help them to control their breathing. That helps to lower blood pressure. In the long term, controlling your breathing will also help to control inflammation in the body.

This is perhaps one of the major health benefits of tantric massages. Can tantric massages make you a better lover? I am asked that all of the time at London escorts. In general I would say no. using tantric techniques on occasions do not work if you want to be a better lover. If you want to become a better lover, you need to use tantric stilling techniques on a daily basis. When you do so, you will reduce stress and that will in turn help you to become a better and more patient lover.

Written by eltot