They are Genuine

Some escorts agencies in other parts of London, say that they have bisexual escorts available. Wee, we have never been asked if we have bisexual escorts here at Walthamstow escorts, and the boss does not think that services like duo dating and escorts for couples are meant for this agency. The gents that we date just want get together to have some adult fun behind closed doors, and that is fine with me. I think that the majority of gents who meet up with escorts feel exactly the same way. They just aren’t interested in all of this new stuff.

I am not so sure that all the people who claim that they are bisexual are genuine. It seems to be really in to claim that you are bisexual these days, but I think it has to do with the fact we are really trying to be like celebs. A lot of the girls who I work together with here at Walthamstow escorts of do not believe in it neither, and say that people are just making it up. Most of the gents that we date here, we date on a one-on-one basis and none of the claim that they are bisexual.

I have been working for Walthamstow escorts for 18 months now, and never come across anything what I would weird or different. Yes, I do have a couple of gents who want to indulge in role play, but I would say that they are weird at all. They are just like many of the other gents we date. On one date that want to do one thing, and on the next date, they would like to do something different. There is nothing strange about that at all, and I think that the majority of escorts around London come across the same sort of thing.

Lots of celebs are coming out as bisexual. I just really think that it is a fashion statement, and something they are doing to stay in the headlines. I suppose in a few years’ time, it is all going to change and it is going to be into to be heterosexual again. All of this rather makes me laugh, and realize how silly the world of celebrity is. Nothing is real at all, and most of the stuff we hear about celebs, is just made up by publicity agents or journalist trying to make a buck or two. Certainly we don’t have any bisexual ladies here at Walthamstow escorts.

To be honest I don’t know what I would say if the boss asked me to go on a bisexual date with somebody. I have talked about with a couple of my friends here at Walthamstow escorts and we don’t know how we would react. A couple of the girls have watched some videos and DVD’s about bisexual girls so they know what they are up against. It would be strange if it happened but I suppose we would either have to say no, or get ready for a bisexual date. It is really something which I don’t feel is for me.

Written by eltot